Water Department Facts

  • The District is made up of 10 gravel pack wells of varying depths.

  • The District has 2 treatment plants for the removal of iron and manganese from the water.

  • We process 1,000,000 gallons through the treatment plants in a day.

  • Our daily consumption during winter months is about 1.4 million gallons per day.

  • Our daily consumption during summer months is about 1.8 million gallons per day.

  • Our maximum safe yield is 2.88 million gallons per day.

  • Maximum consumption day last year was June 23rd when we used 2.6 million gallons.

  • We have 4200 service connections in Auburn, Massachusetts.

  • We are one of three water districts in Auburn, Massachusetts, the others being Woodland Park and Elm Hill who purchase their water from the City of Worcester.

  • We were chartered in 1947 by chapter 585 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • We service approximately 80% of the Town of Auburn.

  • About 80% of our accounts are residential and the remainder are commercial or industrial.

  • We have about 62 miles of pipe of various sizes in the system.

  • We have 3.5 million gallons of storage in tanks; 2.5 million on Prospect Street and 1 million on Leicester Street.

  • We have 424 hydrants in town and another 82 private hydrants that we service.

  • We are a private water company and as such do not receive any of your tax dollars.

  • We are on call 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.

  • We do the majority of all our service connections and repair work by our town department.

  • We are a public water supplier and controlled by EPA and DEP regulations.

  • Our operators are all licensed for either treatment or distribution by the State of Massachusetts.

  • All our testing of water quality is done by certified laboratories.


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