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  • Q: How would I be made aware of a problem in the town water supply?

    A: The Auburn Water District and the local department of environmental protection keep a close watch on your water supply system. If a problem were found all affected water users would be told about the problem via radio, television, local newspapers,, and through the Auburn Water District and the Auburn Board of Health.

    Q: My water is occasionally discolored, is it safe to drink?

    A. You can safely drink, cook, and bathe in this water. Although it may not be esthetically pleasing, it is safe. The discoloration may be caused by a number of situations due to iron pipe in the system.

    1. Yellow color is from dissolved iron in the water

    2. Red or brown color is caused by very small specks of iron. These may be caused by a quick change in water speed, or direction in a pipe. Such changes occur when there is a break in the system, flushing of hydrants, or during a fire.

    Please wait until the water clears before doing laundry.

    Q: My water is sometimes cloudy, but it clears up. Can I drink it?

    A: Yes. The cloudiness is caused by air being trapped in the water. The water is completely safe to drink and it clears up by itself usually very quickly.

    Q. I have heard about chlorinating by products caused by treatments with chlorine to kill germs in drinking water. Is it safe?

    A. Due to treatment with chlorine there are small residuals of these trihalomehanes found. As long as they do not exceed the maximum contaminant levels (MCL) for these compounds, the water is completely safe to drink.

    Q. Sometimes, especially during the summer my water may smell or taste funny. What causes this?

    A. Ground water is usually not as affected as surface water with algae and other problems. Ground water is susceptible to concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, that smell like rotten eggs. These tastes and smells are usually not harmful, but please let your water supply people know if you encounter a strange taste or smell in your water.

    Q. What is the bottom line on water quality in the Auburn Water District?

    A. The Auburn Water District did over 800 tests last year dealing with water quality. We are happy to report that there were no contaminants found in our water supply over the maximum contaminant level (MCL) allowed. This does not mean the water does not have trace amounts of some contaminants, but by EPA and DEP standards the water is safe to drink.

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